Core Values

Department Values

At the Information Technology Department, we:

  • Imagine - We envision the possibilities that technology can bring
  • Solve - We apply technology solutions to challenges and opportunities
  • Build - We seek to use technology as a foundation for creating a better, more efficient, more effective experience for our customers
  • Lead - We will ensure that our knowledge, skills, and abilities enable us to encourage others to look beyond what is in order to see what could be
  • Inspire - We motivate others to utilize technology to enhance their productivity

We Are:

  • Passionate - I enjoy what I do and I want to share my enthusiasm with others
  • Resourceful - I will seek ways to make things happen when it seems inevitable that they cannot
  • Professional - Through my behavior and appearance I will always ensure that IT is beyond reproach
  • Dedicated - Each task that I am assigned is important, and I will use all of my skills to accomplish the job in front of me
  • Accountable - I understand that my productivity and results are important to the success of my organization, and I will accept responsibility when there is more that I could have done to contribute to that success
  • Innovative - I will examine each situation that I am confronted with and determine if there is a new technology or an improved method that I can use to meet a challenge
  • A Team - I can do my job confidently knowing that there are others who can complement and supplement my knowledge and skills to help get the job done
  • Customer-Driven - I will always respect my customers and seek ways to provide them with exceptional service that is of the highest quality